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Pamela Phillips Faith #6/15 Americas ONE OF THE MOST PERFECT PORCELAIN SCULPTS

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   Pamela Phillips




   SOLD THIS DOLL IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND QUALITY THAT IS SUPERIOR. Pamela Phillips makes very few dolls. How can you describe perfection? The Porcelain is the finest I have ever seen as a dealer of fine dolls since 1989. PERFECTION That is what Pamela Phillips creates. This magnificent 28" child has a beautiful strawberry human hair wig with blown glass big blue eyes. Pamela has created a fantasy dress or pale blue and beige silk. The facial detailing and painting is so superb that you will be addicted to the Phillips art dolls. Just try to find the origianals there are so few made. Her original art dolls are so hard to find and the editons so very small. Once you see the painted detail you will know why. Right down to the fingernails is absolute perfection. In my estimation Pamela Phillips is one of the rarest and greatest talents the doll world has ever seen. MIB and of course perfect.

   Pamela Phillips the gem of Texan Doll artists makes the most superb dolls with the greatest details and perfect painted features. Just look closely at this beauty that she captures.



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