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Mark Dennis American Artist OOAK Johnnie Appleseed

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   One of A Kind Art Figures



   This one of a kind art sculpture by Mark Dennis is like looking at a real life person. Since we have no real photos of Johnnie Appleseed Mark has taken the liberty to portray this American Folklore hero as an African American. Look closely at the marvelous detail of his facila expression as he peels his apple. Legned has it that Johnnie Appleseed actually ate so many apples and traveled so extensively that the seeds from all the apples he ate were responsible for all the Apple trees in America. Mark has taken this character figure to new levels. Johnnie sits on a wooden resin base in the shapeof a tree stump. Johnnie is approximately 12" high with the most exquisitely sculpted character face. Call of write for more information. ONE OF A KIND



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