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   Look at this wonderful COMPLETELY antique original 19" Schuetsmeister & Quendt German Bisque Doll. She is marked S & Q 101 Dep 8 on the back of her head. She is a magnicent example of antique completeness and originality in her factory original muslin ecru color dress. She has an open mouth with teeth and brown sleep eyes and very deep molding with lightly blushed cheeks. Look at those big brown sleep eyes and those early finely painted lashes. This is a really perfect german bisque child doll with antique everything. Clothes, shoes bonnet and a long blonde curled original mohair wig. It is so rare to find these wigs with all the inset mohair curls this one was never played with that is why her wig is till so pristine. When you see this bonnet you will be wowed by the beautiful of the detailed lace, satin and ribbon. The bonnet is extraordinary. She has a fully ball jointed compostion body and her paint finish on the body is completely original no retouches. If you are a lover of early German Bisque is one of the best rare S & Q I have ever had to sell. She is in really wonderful condition with completely original clothes from circa 1890-1900 Underneathe her dress is an antique petticoat( no pantiloons) and wool socks with leather antique high button shoes( some stiching is open on the shoes) There are no chips breaks or cracks in her head . NO HAIRLINES CHIPS OR BREAKS I STAND BY EVERY DOLL I OFFER. This is a superior german bisque doll in exact original antique clothing. I would be happy to answer any questions for serious doll collectors. She has magnificent eye appeal. Best yet she is a great shelf size doll standing 19" tall. This will be the perfect addition to any fine German Bisque collection. This Early german bisque the originality is wonder. Marked DEP 101 S & Q #8 on bottom. The pate has never been removed the wig is amazingly long mohair and her clothes are just so vintage this doll has THE LOOK. She has a wonderful antique bonnet.She has a high quality wood compo body. Her chubby facial features make her look friendly and happy with a snow baby kind of victorian illustration look. She has brown eyes with open mouth with teeth. PERFECTION

   Early German company that produced quality German bisque dolls. Aprox. 1895-1900



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